Access Your Effortless Style

When you feel accurately represented in what you're wearing, it frees you up to be fully present to what matters most. Together, let's uncover what that looks like for you!


Meet Alison

Alison Knox is a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant based in Portland, Oregon, making style easy and accessible for her clients both in Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

She brings fun, passion, gentle honesty and an impeccable eye for style to each one-on-one session with her beloved clients.


Styling services


For New Clients

Sort, Shop, Style

Through the Sort, Shop & Style, you will enter your closet each morning and know that it’s only filled with things you know look great on you and that you truly love and feel confident in.


Capsule Styling

You’ve got a closet full of stunning clothes - let me help you put them together!


Year of Style

This premier service keeps your wardrobe on the same page all year long.


For Existing Clients