3 Favorite Looks for Fall

I know I'm not alone in my extreme love of all things fall.  You can find tributes to fall just about everywhere you look! (I'm looking at you pumpkin spice lattes in June!)  Personally, fall fashion is my absolute fav!  Layering on everything in my closet to create the perfect cacoon for traipsing around the city.  To kick things off, I wanted to share 3 of my current favorite looks for fall.  Enjoy!


1.  The oversize sweater.  This is one of my favorite creations as it gives you full permission to leave the house feeling you're wrapped in a blanket.  And yet by styling it right, the look can still be super chic.  The key here is balance of proportion.  If you’ve got a lot of volume in your sweater, keep everything else fairly fitted ie. skinny jeans, t-shirt, pointy-toe shoes etc.  


2.  Denim on denim on denim.  My last few style clients have been quite surprised at my suggestion to add a denim jacket or a chambray shirt over their jeans.  This is one of those timeless looks you can always come back to in your wardrobe when you want to look cool, effortless and hip.  (Is it only Grandma's who can use the word hip?)


3.  Layering.  After recently moving back to Portland from the Bay Area, I am still attempting to find my rythym with this weather and am incredibly excited for an actual fall season!  It’s a bit more chilly in the mornings and gives way for those sweaters that have been hiding in my closet, but it can still warm up during the day.  This is where the transition outfit comes in!  Think, summer skirt / fall sweater and boots or cute dress with jacket, booties and a scarf.  You’re simply taking those fun summer pieces and adding a few more layers to get the most out of them!

Now go get creative with your closet and enjoy the turning season!

- Alison

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