Timeless Closet Staples

While fashions and trends can come and go as quickly as a junior high crush, there are a few wardrobe pieces that seem to stand the test of time.  These are classic items that are worth investing in, as they continue to help create timeless, stylish looks.  As with any item of clothing, fit is everything, so these particular pieces are worth hunting for and investing in.  

The classic white button-up - An easy item to throw on and look instantly put-together.  

The black blazer - This piece adds structure and polish to any outfit, even a simple jeans and t-shirt. 

The Camel Coat - whether it's a classic trench or an updated wool coat, the camel overcoat never goes out of style.

Stripes! - There is an undeniable, casual coolness that stripes can bring to a look.  Like, 'I want to look super bad-ass, but not like I'm trying too hard.'  Boom.  Stripes.

The Perfect Sweater - Cable knit sweaters in a neutral color are as timeless as they come. Throw it on over a pencil skirt and booties or over a t-shirt with sneakers and you're good to go! 


By keeping these classic pieces in quality fabrics and nuetral colors, you ensure they will be long-lasting, go-to items in your closet.   

Hope you feel inspired to get creative with your closet!



All images via Pinterest

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