A t-shirt and jeans...3 unique looks!

Black jeans  -  Imogene + Willie ,           T-shirt  -  Everlane

Black jeans - Imogene + Willie,          T-shirt - Everlane

We all have them our closet....a t-shirt and jeans.  Sadly they are often dismissed as the 'I'm not trying at all today' outfit.  But when you're starting with great fitting, well-made basics, they can become the foundation pieces for endless amazing looks!  I've put together 3 outfits that should hopefully provide some new inspiration for jazzing up your basics. 'Cause who doesn't want to jazz it up?!?  Read on...

  Cardigan  -  BB Dakota ,         Booties  -  Isabel Marant ,          Scarf  - street vendor in Italy

 Cardigan - BB Dakota,        Booties - Isabel Marant,         Scarf - street vendor in Italy

This look is fabulous when you need to throw on something warm and comfy for brunch or for running errands around town.  The low-heel bootie and cozy sweater make it perfect if you need to be on your feet for awhile and yet still be comfortable and chic. Adding a bright scarf to the whole outfit brings the perfect pop of color.

 Jacket  - Zara (old),       Hat  -  Goorin Brothers,       Shoes  - Nordstrom Rack (old),     Necklace  -  Madewel  l

 Jacket - Zara (old),      Hat - Goorin Brothers,     Shoes - Nordstrom Rack (old),    Necklace - Madewell

This is a great outfit when you're going out for drinks or dinner or even to the office.  I love the updated look with a longer blazer in a lighter color.  A quick and easy way to instanty elevate a basic t-shirt and jeans is by adding a blazer and heels and boom...you're good to go!  Even for those events when you're not sure what to wear, you'll never be too under-dressed or over-dressed with a look like this.  

Cardigan  -  J Crew,        Demin Jacke t -  Madewell ,        Booties  -  Cobra Rock ,        Necklace  - Lucky (old)

Cardigan - J Crew,      Demin Jacket - Madewell,       Booties - Cobra Rock,       Necklace - Lucky (old)

This is probably my favorite go-to look.  Say it with me now,...'layering!' (ie. Jacket over sweater over t-shirt and add a necklace) Well done.  It's that easy, folks. When you focus more on a neutral color palate, it can become a straight-forward process to mix and match the items in your closet with ease. It can always add an interesting element to an outfit by playing with proportion...a shorter jacket over a longer sweater and keep the sleeves rolled for an extra cool factor.  If it was a bit chilly outside I would simply add a big scarf to this combo and I would be set for whatever the day brings.  


Clothes can reflect moods, attitudes and make you feel something.  Why not have fun with it and put your best, great-looking, foot forward when you step out the door!?

Looking for further direction or help with organizing your wardrobe or simply knowing what to wear??  I'm here to help. Contact me for a free consultation and we can make sure the clothes reflect the person and also ensure that getting dressed in the morning is easy and fun!



All photos by Meaghan Maples

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