Get the most from your closet: Part I

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, looking at the many clothes hanging there but your one thought was, "I have nothing to wear!'?  I hear you.  This is first in a 3 part series on 'How to get the most from your closet'.  There are a few fresh approaches that will hopefully help you create some new looks from items you already own.  

Welcome to Part I:  Mixing Prints!  This option can be overwhelming for a lot of people and can easily be overdone. Prints are a great way to express yourself and allow your outfit to stand out a bit more. When kept to more classic prints, ie plaid, stripes, paisley, gingham, polka dots etc, you don't run the risk of looking cheap.  Prints are bold, confident and a great opportunity to have more fun with your clothes.  Here are 4 quick tips for effectively pulling off this look...

Tip #1: Start Simple.  Stick to multiple prints in the same color family.  Also, instead of diving in with a top and bottom in competing prints, think of adding a pop of print with a bag or scarf.  For beginners, start by adding one print to an otherwise neutral outfit and remember, scale is key.  Smaller scale prints will naturally be easier to blend into a complete look.

Tip #2:  Stripes are considered a neutral.  When kept in a classic, navy/white or black/white combo, stripes are a great addition to most any look and can pair well with almost any print.

Tip #3:  Polka dots and stripes always work.  These prints are neutral enough to always compliment each other.  You can think of them as coffee with creamer, peanut butter with jelly or Robin Hood and Little John…whatever works for you, but you get the idea.  They just make sense together.  (Note, another fantastic partnership is stripes with anything floral!)

Tip #4: Leopard goes with everything.  Since leopard is so spicy, it makes the perfect print for a shoe, bag, scarf or tank top for layering.  It can instantly bring interest and class to an otherwise neutral look.  (I know the first image doesn't have leopard but how great is that outfit?!  Camo jacket over gingham button-up over print tee with a statement necklace.  Yowza!)

Stay tuned for more inspiration around breathing new life into your current closet!  Do you have questions around these suggestions or have ideas of future posts that would be helpful to you?  Contact me!

If this got you thinking that you really need further direction and fresh perspecitive with your current wardrobe from a professional, my Closet Styling service might be the perfect option for you!

Happy dressing, friends,




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