Get the most from your closet: Part II

Have you ever been stuck in a serious style rut?  Of course you have...because we all have. It happens to the best of us as we get busy and struggle to find inspiration on how to make our clothes work for us.  Instead of heading out to go shopping, here are a few additional tips to help you break out of that rut!!  

Tip #1:  Start with a favorite item and build from there.  Do you have a statement red shoe or a jacket with a bold print that you've been wondering how to style?  Approach the rest of your clothes with this item in mind and add pieces accordingly.  If the particular article of clothing is loud, think about keeping the rest of the outfit fairly neutral.

Tip #2:  Belt your outerwear. This is a trend that is popping up more and more and I absolutely love the look.  As we're adding more layers in these colder months it is easy to lose shape and you can start to look bulky.  By throwing a belt over your outerwear, you immediately define your waist and create a great silhouette, not to mention, add overall interest to your look. 

Tip #3:  Mix and match!  Like most kinds of rules, style rules were made to be broken.  No white after labor day, no brown belt with black shoes, no navy with black, no mixing gold and silver jewelry...forget it!  The first part of breaking out of a rut is simply to try something new.  One of my favorite looks right now is mixing dressy with casual, ie. a grey sweatshirt with a girly skirt, a blouse and trench with tennis shoes, a graphic t-shirt under a blazer etc. Don't be afraid to mix it up a bit with your clothes!

Tip #4: Play dress up!  If you're truly looking to create fresh looks from your current clothes, it is going to take a little effort and creativity.  Your clothes look very different hanging in your closet versus on your body.  Many of us are visual learners and need to go through the process of trying different looks, then examine and see how we feel.  Do you have a stylish friend that you trust?  Get a second opinion, if needed.

Tip #5:  Find inspiration.  These days the internet, namely Pinterest, can be a fantastic source of outfit inspiration.  There is one caution that I've offered to my last few clients which is to use style magazines and store mannequins as inspiration but not spending manuals.  There are many new, fun ideas you can draw from the sources around you that will help you see your own closet in a different way.  I live in Portland and seem to be surrounded by effortlessly and uniquely stylish folks.  I am constantly observing the way they put together their look and use that to push me to be more creative with my own clothes.

Through all of your wardrobe journeys, confidence is key!  We want our clothes to work for us and fully represent who we are.  When in doubt, put on some red lipstick and call it a day.

Stay tuned for Part III of this series where we'll get real practical about your closet.  Buckle up.

- Alison

All images via Pinterest

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