Get the most from your closet: Part III

As someone who quite enjoys the shopping experience and is forever seeking to curate the perfect wardrobe, I’ve also come to realize that there can be something lost in the constant quest for what’s ‘new’.  True personal style is not about the latest trend or the right brand, it is ultimately how you wear the clothes that you have.  In this final installment of my 'Getting the most from your closet' series, I'm sharing a few more tips that can have major impact on your overall look and yet cost you nothing.  Enjoy!

Tip #1:  Roll up your sleeves.   Menswear-inspired shirts are very much a staple but have the ability to make your look a little stiff.  By simply rolling up your sleeves you give the overall look a more laid-back feel.  There is also a considerable difference whether you roll the cuff once, unbutton the cuff and roll it 2-3 times or when you push it up past your elbows.  Play with it and see what feels good to you. This can also be a great option for shirts, sweaters or blouses whose sleeves are too short or too long…just push ‘em up and you’re good to go!  One more way to kick this look up a notch is to layer two tops and roll up the cuffs on the overshirt, cardigan, blazer or denim jacket to show off the the shirt underneath.

Tip #2: Cuff your jeans. Jeans are always in fashion.  While specific styles and fits can shift over the years, there are easy ways to keep your denim game on point, by adjusting the cuff length.  As with most things, there is more than one way to pull this off. One big cuff works well with skinny jeans while rolling the bottom of your boyfriend jeans several times can elevate the whole look.  And I’m just gonna say it, ladies, ankles are sexy.  During these colder months where you’re piling on the layers it can make an outfit very feminine by showing a little selective skin.

Tip #3: The Half Tuck.  I do believe we have J Crew to thank for this one, but it does have the ability to instantly transform an outfit.  Especially when wearing more volume on top, adding this simple element can bring a bit of definition to the silhouette.  This trick looks great with t-shirts, blouses and sweaters.  If you need further ideas on how to excute this look, Pinterest is your friend.

Tip #4: Knot it.  This can do wonders in adding definition and a touch of class to a basic button-up and can look great with jeans as well as over skirts or dresses.  

Tip #5: Tie it up.  We all have at least one flannel hanging in our closets and here is a fun way to wear it to liven up a basic outfit….just tie it around your waist.  This is great look regardless of the season, but you know how much I love layering and this just takes it to another level.  It also ensures that you have an extra shirt on-hand, in case of emergency. 

Again, a closet dress-up session may be in order for you as you start flexing your style muscles a bit more but remember to have fun with it!  Happy dressing, friends!


All images via Pinterest


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