Personal Style Story: her own words


I'm so excited to introduce you to my gorgeous client, Emily!  I recently had the extreme pleasure in working with her to fine-tune a truly cohesive wardrobe.  She is one of the most diversely artistic individuals I've met...and one kick-ass woman.  She dances, takes photos, has a show-stopping quilt business, is insanely crafty, bakes, sews, curates an envy-worthy home and probably 20 other things I'm not even aware of.  

Emily and I met at a Style Night where I presented several months ago in the Bay Area and she booked her first Sort, Shop & Style the very next day!  I asked Emily to share a bit more of what the process was like for her personally.  We snapped these images around the beautiful Oakland home she shares with her husband Ed and her sweet pup Oppenheimer (Oppie).  Here's what she had to say....

1.  What led you to ask Alison for help? 

"I had seen Alison do a presentation at a friend's house and loved all the easy tips she gave us to help us boost our wardrobe. The following week I practiced the tips and immediately felt a lot more consistently stylish than ever before. I had kind of a disjointed wardrobe- I had a lot of basic, go-to pieces, and then I had a bunch more fun and fancy pieces that I didn't know how to incorporate into my everyday wardrobe."

2.  What was the experience like for you?

"It felt like hanging out with a very stylish girlfriend! The whole thing was very comfortable and mood boosting!"

3.  What did you love about the process?  Was there anything that surprised you?

"I loved having a fresh eye to help me see and style my wardrobe pieces in ways that I had missed before, and I loved having someone help me bridge the gap between the two sections of my closet with a few missing pieces. The biggest surprise was that I only needed a few things to complete the wardrobe, and a few simple styling tips made a world of difference. I went into this prepared for a complete overhaul of my closet and the way I dress, but Alison was able to take what I had and add in that missing 10% to help me up my game!"

4.  What changed for you as a result of our working together?

"I now find that I'll take an extra minute in the morning (yes, ONE minute is all I need) to take my outfit to the next level, so I can go from wearing clothes as a means to not scare the locals to looking totally put together for the day!"

5.  What was your biggest takeaway from the experience?

"I actually realized that I have a pretty good gut instinct when it comes to what clothes I put on my body and have a pretty solid sense of style, but that I can look stylish every day and not wait for more special occasions."

6.  If you were to recommend these services to someone else, what would you tell them?

"I would tell someone that Alison can help make even the smallest tweaks to your wardrobe make a huge impact, and that she'll help you establish a look that will be easy to continue long after she leaves!"

To find out more about Emily and peruse her beautiful creations click here and to see her incredible photography click here.

Thank you, Emily, for sharing this part of your style journey with us!

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