Style secrets from Michelle Obama on KATU's Afternoon Live!


She may be the most stylish First Lady this great country has ever known.  Michelle Obama consistently appears elegant, appropriate, comfortable and brimming with style and grace.  Thanks to the vastness of the interwebs, we're able to closely track her daily wardrobe over the last 8 years and catch a few secrets of her strong style game.  I've zeroed in on the top 5 style tips I have gathered from her and was invited to share those on KATU's Afternoon Live here in Portland recently.  I did forget my own points on live television, but I actually had a lot of fun regardless!  Maybe I seem down-to-earth and endearing?  Maybe not, but the content is widely applicable and helpful nonetheless. You can view the entire segment and make note of all the juicy tips below!



Alison KnoxComment