Preparing your closet for winter!!

I don’t know many people who LOVE small talk about the weather, but let’s face it, within the context of your wardrobe, it bears discussing.  For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, we’re in those awkward days of half sunshine / half torrential downpour finished off by a sprinkling of hail.  What the hail do I wear to leave the house on those days?!  Ha! No?  Ok, fine.  Well, I’ve got a few ideas to share which will hopefully streamline your approach this winter.  Follow along...

Put away the old.  This is a great opportunity to box up and store any sundresses, shorts, summer skirts and tanks and other out-of-season items that are taking up valuable real estate in your closet.  Thus making the current pieces on rotation that much easier to see and incorporate!  Also, before you box up the seasonal items, eliminate anything you didn’t end up wearing or items that are clearly not working for you.  Be critical.

Identify versatile layering pieces.  Could you put a jacket over a tank top?  Could you wear tights under a skirt or dress?  Could you throw a sweater over a dress?  Could you put leggings on under a lighter tunic and throw on a scarf?  If the answer is no to any of these, it may be time to put it away….  The goal here is to utilize what you hopefully have or identify specific areas you need shop for.  There is no need to go to REI and go all-out on ski-wear just because the weather got a little brisk.  Simply learn how to start with your basics and layer successfully from there.

Choose a color and stick to it.  This is one of my personal go-to's in the winter months where I choose one or two colors and keep every outfit item in that color pallette.  It's an easy way to look effortlessly cool and put together.  Also, forget everything you've heard about not wearing white in the winter.  There is something so classically chic and beautiful with winter whites!

After asking yourself the hard questions and taking a critical look at your clothes situation, if you still feel like your closet could use some updating this season, here are some winter wardrobe essentials that will get your through...

Long, oversize cardigan. These are great sweaters to layer over other sweaters as well and looks equally fantastic over a t-shirt and jeans or thrown over a dress.

Ankle boots.  Don't think you can get on on this trend?  Believe me, you can.  Pay                 attention to shaft height and where it hits on the leg.  The goal is to hit at the smallest part of the ankle for a more flattering overall look.  These are great for adding a bit of a heel while still being able to walk around comfortably.  

Hat.  This is the perfect final touch to most any look.  Whether it be a wide brim felt hat, a sleek knit hat or a cable-knot pom beanie, hats are a fun way to show style and personality.

The in-between jacket.   Not quite a coat, not quite a sweater, the in-between jacket is the perfect layering addition over a tank or a sweater as temperatures dip.  They are the perfect pairing for a cozy blanket scarf.

Lastly, I’ve put together a collection of my favorites here for you to check out. You can click on anything to purchase or simply use it as inspiration as you shop with focus!

Happy dressing, friends and a very Merry Christmas!!


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