Holiday-ready Looks for Every Occasion!


Is it just me or has this year completely flown by??  Tis' the season again for all things festive, sparkly and glamorous.  I rounded up three of my gorgeous friends to help me show off some fabulous looks for whatever your plans include, and we shared it all on KGW's Portland Today!  My goal was to present a range of options, even if you're simply dressing up pieces you already own.  You should hopefully find the inspiration and direction you need in order to put together your own perfect look!

Also, it is worth mentioning that no matter what you end up wearing, no festive look is complete without a red lip.  It brings an added polish to any look and definitely helps infuse color when the winter pale starts setting in.  Don't leave home without it!  Unless you're like me and applying it in the rearview mirror of your car.  Merry Christmas, friends!

Enjoy our segment!  


Alison KnoxComment