Next-Level Style Secrets With the Clothes You Already Own!

We all go through seasons of feeling completely uninspired by the items in our own closets.  Rather than immediately running out to go shopping, I have found it helpful to do a little shake-up of the pieces you already own.  I have also found that what most people need is a little inspiration to see said pieces in a whole new light and permission to take a few style risks.  During my latest segment on Portland's Afternoon Live, I shared several looks to help reinvent some of our staple items in a fresh way.  This one was particularly fun because I asked my friend, Danielle Cloyd of Get Styled PDX, to help me create some of these amazing looks as well and she KILLED it.  

Things were especially fun during the live taping of this segment as well, since one of my models was too sick to participate and we had to get very creative.  All you can do is laugh, I guess, which we definitely did.  Please enjoy and share away!

Alison KnoxComment