Laura L. - Household CEO

I totally agree with Alison deserving more than 5 stars!  I can't imagine feeling comfortable with anyone else coming into my closet.  Working with Alison has changed my life in so many ways.  That may sound silly but wearing clothes that accentuate who i am makes a difference in how i and others perceive me.  People noticed the change immediately and 10 months later still make positive comments about my clothes and how i look.  She has a great sense of style but also works to understand your style (or what you want it to be).  She also understands your personal body type and is gentle and always positive about what works and what doesn't. She picks out the perfect clothes to let your best you come through.  I normally hate shopping, but walking into a dressing room full of clothes that I liked and worked for me was so much fun!  Also, I have a clearer sense of what i am looking for when i shop so it makes it less daunting. And she gives you a cool look-book of all your outfits, the new clothes and your old clothes and how they all go together.  

I had always wanted to be on that show "What Not To Wear" but without being on tv.  This is like that but without a million people watching you go through your closet and doing it with someone who is positive and caring.  If you could choose one thing to do for yourself, friend or spouse, i highly recommend giving the gift of working with Alison. In fact, I'm gifting this to my husband for his birthday!

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Lynne F. - Director of Consulting Operations

Alison's process was exceptional.  She really took the time to get to know my lifestyle and helped translate it in to my personal style.  She has a great, easy demeanor and we spent a lot of our time together laughing!  I loved all the aspects of working with Alison, but the best part for me was cleaning out my closet.  I feel lighter and more focused when making outfit choices.  Thanks to Alison, figuring out what to wear is not nearly as daunting as it had been in the past.

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Emily G. - Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Alison. Is. AWESOME! Going shopping with her just feels like going shopping with a REALLY stylish girlfriend! I had a very divided wardrobe (basics and then super wild/fun printed items) that she helped me bridge into one cohesive wardrobe. She gave me great little tips (something as simple as cuffing my t-shirt sleeves) that help take my outfits from fine to stylish, and I feel like ever since my session with her, I always leave my house feeling stylish and confident!

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Chantelle B. - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Owner

OMG! Alison is AMAZING. Seriously, EVERYONE should do this at least once in their life. I had just left a terrible relationship, was recovering from a chronic illness and my self esteem was in the toilet. I'd been living in sweat pants. I gave Alison the brief of wanting to look effortlessly chic - and she NAILED IT. I have an amazing wardrobe now full of clothes that I can easily piece together and it's all amazing quality stuff that will last me many many years. She even got me back into the skinny jeans that I missed so much! A friend commented the other day that I looked effortlessly stylish - more proof that Alison totally hit the look I was going for. Thank you Alison! I'll look forward to working with you again in Summer! :)

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Jonathan M. - Retired Business Owner

I was facing an impending divorce and reached out to Alison for help because I wanted to feel better about myself, not just because I was jumping back into the dating pool. The experience was way better than I expected. You weren't all dolled up to look like you were going out for the night, you looked normal but with way more fashion savvy. Going through my closet wasn't the "show of shame" it could have been, and while there were definitely some things that I had feeling for that had to go, I knew it when she suggested it, and she never showed even an inkling of eye-rolling OMG-ness. The shop day was wonderful and painless.  I loved trying on the clothes Alison selected as she pegged my taste so well, the try-on process was quick and focused and I came away with great clothes that I wear with pride and receive endless compliments.  I would highly recommend this experience for anyone.  They say if you force yourself to smile, you can end up feel happier even if you start out sad. What can I say - new clothes that made me look good made me happy!

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Evangeline P. - Director of Dev. and Operations

About two years ago I switched from a job that required business attire to one that follows more of the “Nike casual” mentality.  And for that same amount of time I’ve been trying to force the contents of my closet to fit this new work environment, but have taken it to the extreme and found myself defaulting to athletic gear most days.  I would say that, before meeting Alison, I had a semi-serious case of shopping anxiety – I’m taller than the average girl, I don’t wear high heels, hadn’t really honed in on my personal style, and I’m a big fan of comfort.  The contents of my closet did not say “successful young professional” and that needed to change. 

From the first few minutes of our “Sort” session, I could tell that Alison was going to bring a breath of fresh air to something that I loathed.  She thoughtfully looked at each existing item and breathed new life into many of them – some needed to go and she was respectful about that process.  And she was so right!  I haven’t thought about those items since they found new homes.

There is nothing worse than picking out a selection of items and then walking out of the dressing room empty handed.  Alison took the time to go shopping in advance of my arrival and I have never felt more confident trying on clothes.  Some didn’t work and that was totally okay!  Others fit perfectly and became the main staples my closet needed, giving me endless options. 


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Pamela D. - Household CEO

Alison deserves a higher rating than five stars.  Quite simply, she is incredible at her job.  Not only does she have a beautiful personality that will ease any discomfort, she is fun and she makes styling and shopping something you will truly enjoy. I had no idea how pleasurable it would be to working with her.  I was blown away by her professionalism and ability to intuit my taste and sense of style.  I loved every minute, I learned a tremendous amount of tips on how to assemble outfits and what to add to my closet.  I left with a greater confidence and pride in who I am.  Ultimately, I learned that style, how I dress and present myself to the world, can be a creative expression and a form of self love.  I completely recommend hiring her for yourself or as a gift for someone you love or both.  You will be a happier person for doing so.

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Julie L. - Teacher

I had a closet full of clothes but only had a handful of outfits I felt confident wearing. I was stuck in a style rut and lacked the inspiration and know-how to pair new pieces together. Alison came in and brought my closet to life! She put together hundreds of new outfits using the clothing I already owned. She helped me decide what items needed to go and created a list of some "basics" I needed to purchase. Alison's great sense of humor and fashion expertise made the whole process painless and fun. In the end, I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe, and I never had to spend a penny shopping! 

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Carie B. - Conference Coordinator

I had always noticed how stylish Alison was and how she found clothes that fit her body type and personality so well. She always seemed so comfortable and confident in what she was wearing and I knew I wanted her to work with me.

At first, the process seemed overwhelming, mostly because I hate to shop, but she helped make it easier and fun! She gave me easy tips, specific things to look for and an approach to follow.  She was also very honest about what wouldn't work or look good on me.  I truly appreciated her help and honesty!

After using her services, I felt like a whole new person.  I went from having no fashion or style sense to learning what looks good, goes together and fits me best.  Five years later, I still get complimented all the time on my outfits and jewelry.  My favorite line I hear from people is "you're outfit is so cute, where did you get it?"

Yes, my whole outlook on clothes changed!  I now know what types of clothing work well together and how to accessorize accordingly.  The tips I remember most often are "sometimes less is more" and "you can dress up or down any outfit".  I went from not knowing how to look cute, to feeling attractive and confident wearing my clothes!  

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Aimee H. - Elementary School Teacher

In the past I have felt like a 'plain jane' and even when I've purchased clothes from the classic shops, I still felt like there was such a gap between who I was and how I dressed. 

I noticed Alison dressed herself in a way that was completely her own and very complimentary to who she was.  I asked for Alison’s help and I was so excited to share about what I was thinking as well as hear how to best dress my body type.  With Alison's guidance, I actually tried new and different styles and colors that had never crossed my mind to wear.  She shared with me helpful tips for picking out clothes, great ideas on how to highlight my best features, and reminded me of my value and worth in the process.  Trying on clothes can be the pits but Alison made the experience so much more fun with her enthusiasm and care to help me find outfits that were right for me.  I was able to walk away with awesome new outfits and a renewed confidence in who I was and how I was sharing myself with those around me.

Alison was also a great supporter of going through clothes I already owned.  In many ways, I felt like I had gone shopping, but instead I was learning how to piece together items I already owned and create new outfits that I actually felt confident wearing.  I had a new excitement for what was in my closet!

I found in my time with Alison that she made me feel comfortable in who I am and how I look; she was honest in telling me what looked great and what didn’t; and she reminded me of my own beauty that I had forgotten about.  To this day, I still reach out to her and ask for fashion advice.  I highly recommend setting up a time to go through your old clothes or pick out new ones with Alison!  

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