Elizabeth H. - Singer / Songwriter

I am so thankful for Alison Knox's styling services.  As a singer-songwriter it is important for me to be current and look good on stage as well as in everyday life.  Alison came alongside me and helped me evaluate my current closet as well as make recommendations for future purchases.  She helped me put together great outfits that fit my body type and my personal style.  She went shopping with me and helped me identify the items that would make the most impact on my wardrobe for the best value.  I appreciate that she took care in helping recognize my signature style and matching me with clothing that fit me personally and not just the things that she liked to wear.  She is detailed and comprehensive in helping not only with clothing but also shoes, accessories, and even hair and makeup recommendations.  Alison understands that the entire package is important so she speaks into each area.  

Because of Alison's services I am now able to put together outfits with more confidence, having a better understanding of which items look good on me and which styles are current.  I have experienced a major boost in my confidence, as I have learned to dress in a way that makes me feel good about myself.  She makes the process fun and you can tell that she really loves helping people grow both in their style and in their self-image.  So thankful and I would absolutely use her services again!


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