Risa H. - Director of External Relations

I had just moved back to the States after volunteering abroad for a year, and my closet was both desolate and out of style.  The worst part was, as a volunteer, I was financially broke. I saved up a tiny bit of money and called Alison to see if there was any hope. I needed a wardrobe I was proud of, confident in, and could dress up or down... that cost pennies. 

Alison has a gift! She knew exactly what ten pieces of clothing I needed to add to my closet to have a cute outfit for any occasion. On top of that, my clothes could layer so I could wear them in any weather! This wardrobe was exactly what I needed until I had a regular paycheck... at which point Alison and I worked together again. She is masterful at understanding a person's body type, preferred style, and budget. Also, not only is she a physically beautiful person with an artistic eye, she is an incredible friend on the inside and I treasure our times together. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Alison KnoxComment