Aimee H. - Elementary School Teacher

In the past I have felt like a 'plain jane' and even when I've purchased clothes from the classic shops, I still felt like there was such a gap between who I was and how I dressed. 

I noticed Alison dressed herself in a way that was completely her own and very complimentary to who she was.  I asked for Alison’s help and I was so excited to share about what I was thinking as well as hear how to best dress my body type.  With Alison's guidance, I actually tried new and different styles and colors that had never crossed my mind to wear.  She shared with me helpful tips for picking out clothes, great ideas on how to highlight my best features, and reminded me of my value and worth in the process.  Trying on clothes can be the pits but Alison made the experience so much more fun with her enthusiasm and care to help me find outfits that were right for me.  I was able to walk away with awesome new outfits and a renewed confidence in who I was and how I was sharing myself with those around me.

Alison was also a great supporter of going through clothes I already owned.  In many ways, I felt like I had gone shopping, but instead I was learning how to piece together items I already owned and create new outfits that I actually felt confident wearing.  I had a new excitement for what was in my closet!

I found in my time with Alison that she made me feel comfortable in who I am and how I look; she was honest in telling me what looked great and what didn’t; and she reminded me of my own beauty that I had forgotten about.  To this day, I still reach out to her and ask for fashion advice.  I highly recommend setting up a time to go through your old clothes or pick out new ones with Alison!  

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