Carie B. - Conference Coordinator

I had always noticed how stylish Alison was and how she found clothes that fit her body type and personality so well. She always seemed so comfortable and confident in what she was wearing and I knew I wanted her to work with me.

At first, the process seemed overwhelming, mostly because I hate to shop, but she helped make it easier and fun! She gave me easy tips, specific things to look for and an approach to follow.  She was also very honest about what wouldn't work or look good on me.  I truly appreciated her help and honesty!

After using her services, I felt like a whole new person.  I went from having no fashion or style sense to learning what looks good, goes together and fits me best.  Five years later, I still get complimented all the time on my outfits and jewelry.  My favorite line I hear from people is "you're outfit is so cute, where did you get it?"

Yes, my whole outlook on clothes changed!  I now know what types of clothing work well together and how to accessorize accordingly.  The tips I remember most often are "sometimes less is more" and "you can dress up or down any outfit".  I went from not knowing how to look cute, to feeling attractive and confident wearing my clothes!  

Alison KnoxComment