Evangeline P. - Director of Dev. and Operations

About two years ago I switched from a job that required business attire to one that follows more of the “Nike casual” mentality.  And for that same amount of time I’ve been trying to force the contents of my closet to fit this new work environment, but have taken it to the extreme and found myself defaulting to athletic gear most days.  I would say that, before meeting Alison, I had a semi-serious case of shopping anxiety – I’m taller than the average girl, I don’t wear high heels, hadn’t really honed in on my personal style, and I’m a big fan of comfort.  The contents of my closet did not say “successful young professional” and that needed to change. 

From the first few minutes of our “Sort” session, I could tell that Alison was going to bring a breath of fresh air to something that I loathed.  She thoughtfully looked at each existing item and breathed new life into many of them – some needed to go and she was respectful about that process.  And she was so right!  I haven’t thought about those items since they found new homes.

There is nothing worse than picking out a selection of items and then walking out of the dressing room empty handed.  Alison took the time to go shopping in advance of my arrival and I have never felt more confident trying on clothes.  Some didn’t work and that was totally okay!  Others fit perfectly and became the main staples my closet needed, giving me endless options. 


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