Jonathan M. - Retired Business Owner

I was facing an impending divorce and reached out to Alison for help because I wanted to feel better about myself, not just because I was jumping back into the dating pool. The experience was way better than I expected. You weren't all dolled up to look like you were going out for the night, you looked normal but with way more fashion savvy. Going through my closet wasn't the "show of shame" it could have been, and while there were definitely some things that I had feeling for that had to go, I knew it when she suggested it, and she never showed even an inkling of eye-rolling OMG-ness. The shop day was wonderful and painless.  I loved trying on the clothes Alison selected as she pegged my taste so well, the try-on process was quick and focused and I came away with great clothes that I wear with pride and receive endless compliments.  I would highly recommend this experience for anyone.  They say if you force yourself to smile, you can end up feel happier even if you start out sad. What can I say - new clothes that made me look good made me happy!

Alison KnoxComment