Laura L. - Household CEO

I totally agree with Alison deserving more than 5 stars!  I can't imagine feeling comfortable with anyone else coming into my closet.  Working with Alison has changed my life in so many ways.  That may sound silly but wearing clothes that accentuate who i am makes a difference in how i and others perceive me.  People noticed the change immediately and 10 months later still make positive comments about my clothes and how i look.  She has a great sense of style but also works to understand your style (or what you want it to be).  She also understands your personal body type and is gentle and always positive about what works and what doesn't. She picks out the perfect clothes to let your best you come through.  I normally hate shopping, but walking into a dressing room full of clothes that I liked and worked for me was so much fun!  Also, I have a clearer sense of what i am looking for when i shop so it makes it less daunting. And she gives you a cool look-book of all your outfits, the new clothes and your old clothes and how they all go together.  

I had always wanted to be on that show "What Not To Wear" but without being on tv.  This is like that but without a million people watching you go through your closet and doing it with someone who is positive and caring.  If you could choose one thing to do for yourself, friend or spouse, i highly recommend giving the gift of working with Alison. In fact, I'm gifting this to my husband for his birthday!

Alison KnoxComment